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                                                              The Lives of Novice Monks in Laos  

Almost all young boys in Laos become Novice Monks to be religious, educated and good people.

In Laos after young boys become Novice Monks, they wear yellow robes (yellow robes mean a flame of fire); wearing them means Novices put down everything about the world, let the bad things go and start to do good things. Monks teach Novices about Buddhism, Dhamma, suffering, loving kindness and how to respect  other people. Novices also learn what is right and what is wrong. They have to shave their heads every month to be different from the lay people and also to follow  Buddha. He also shaved his head.

There are some schools only for Novice Monks  in Laos. Almost one hundred percent of Novices are educated. They also have more opportunities to study other languages in local language schools. Some of them can speak many languages, such as English, Japanese, French, Chinese and German. They have more time to study and are often more interested in travelling and teaching than are lay people.

In order to help them become “good people,” Novice Monks entering the temple listen to Buddhist teaching about Dhamma and sermons from Monks. They also learn how to behave by watching other Novices and Monks who set good examples for them.

The lives of Novice Monks are very busy, because they need to study religion, attend school, learn how to live their lives and work very hard around the temple.

By: Novice Sommai