Epilepsy Workshop

By GVI Volunteers 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

For me the most important day I had on project was when we went through basic first aid, basic life support and epilepsy training with the teachers (Didis) at Children’s Paradise Preschool. Children’s Paradise is an amazing place that does amazing things, however, some of these children have complex medical issues. Many of them have epilepsy.

Basic first aid is essential for anyone working with children. We had a lovely young girl cut her chin one day and it was us who dealt with the cut, cleaned and washed it. It may seem simple but being able to deal with cuts and grazes effectively can never be underestimated. Prevention of infections and illnesses are important in all communities.

Anyone faced with an epileptic fit would be terrified, and the threat of someone having a seizure can build up to be even scarier as time goes on. Of all of the children in Children’s paradise it is Govinder who worries me the most. He has been having seizures from a very young age and still has them weekly. As yet he hasn’t had one in the school. Basic life support and epilepsy training was a chance to give the Didis support for if such an event happened. Ruth & I ran a workshop where we combined talking and teaching, with roleplay and practical activities to give them the confidence to deal with any situation. We also worked with them to come up with an action plan if anything were to happen so they knew exactly what to do and who to inform.

The work that Children’s Paradise does is incredible and I am so proud and happy to have helped provide them with another tool for their skill set to enable them to do the work they do!