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English skills for Primary Students

By GVI Cape Town 4 years ago
Categories Cape Town

We work in a Primary School in the township of Nomzamo.  The kids and teachers are great.  Always eager to do their best. They are keenly waiting for the completion of the new buildings there, a new and modern school will be fantastic.

In the meantime our programme goes on.  We work with the year three students on developing English language skills. Two days a week we work in classrooms with the teachers and the other three days we work one on one with students with a focus on reading English.

Developing English skills is very important at this level because in future years they will mainly learn in English. Whilst Xhosa is the home language and very much valued, the reality is that having English as a strong second language is very important for the students’ future learning.

Our volunteers really enjoy their work with the year three students and it’s amazing how much progress the students show in such a short time.  It doesn’t matter if our volunteers lack experience in teaching, it’s not long before they pick up the routine and simply being able to speak English to these students helps make a big difference.