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End of a Journey for Some, a New Beginning for Others

By Carolyn & Brody 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

As week four is nearing an end, volunteers prepare to leave their beautiful surroundings of Curieuse Island with a heavy heart. Packing their belongings, deciding what to bring home and what to leave behind, exchanging information to stay in contact with the people they’ve been living with for the past month, and enjoying their last few surveys and moments on base. When leaving Curieuse they will be taking something important though, the knowledge, the friendships, and all of the life changing experiences they have had throughout the last month that will be with them forever.

At the same time, a whole new group is currently packing, preparing, and most likely impatiently waiting to leave for a journey of a lifetime. Packing what they think they’ll need, preparing as well as they can, and trying to imagine where and who they’ll be living with in less than a week. All of the challenges that await, as well as hopefully the friendships to come, this new group is in for a memorable trip.

All the while we volunteers that are staying on after the first month get to experience both worlds. The bittersweet goodbyes as while as the anxious hellos, things are always changing in the world at Curieuse. From base introductions and EFR training to Valle De Mai and hiking Mt. Curieuse, a month here flies by faster than you can believe, but the memories and friendships never have to end. So to all the volunteers saying their goodbyes we say see you soon, and to all of the volunteers coming aboard we say welcome to your new home from home, Curieuse Island!