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Encouraging children to use their imagination.

By Marie Taguchi-Porteous 4 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

Koki and I met in Asakusa District in Tokyo, about two weeks before I came to Fiji to join GVI as a volunteer for a month. I say we met, obviously I bought her, but she looked a bit forlorn in the shop window where I spotted her. So I liberated her, and took her on my adventures through Japan.

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Our next destination was Babale Base, Silana village, Fiji .I volunteered as a teaching assistant at Navunisea Primary School, my class was year 4 ,I did one-to-one reading, and lead P.E, Music and Art & Craft lessons 3 times a week. For me, it was incredible: the kids are darlings, some of them are exceptionally bright and excel and it was a fantastic challenging them to raise the bar higher, and others need a little more help, so it’s great when you realise you’re making progress.

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For my art lesson I decided that Koki could help me. I drew a beautiful picture of her and used lots of different colours, then off we went to school.So I got Koki out of my back pack to meet my class, they all loved her . I then told them all about  the travels we had been on together. Koki then sat very still and modelled for the class, the kids were so quiet and well-behaved – they even shared the pens while they all busily coloured in their pictures! Some of them even finished early, and so they drew in where they thought she lived too: in the clouds, or in a bure, or at the beach.It was a great lesson and such a fun way to interact with the children and to get them to use their imaginations.unnamed (6)

I had a amazing time living in Silana and working at the school and so did Koki.