Easter Theme for Social Night

By 5 years ago
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We have a Social night for staff and volunteers every Wednesday night.  The theme varies from quizzes to games and, well,  just about anything really.  It’s always a good laugh and a chance for our volunteers to mix with other volunteers that they don’t see so much on project.
This week we had an Easter theme. We split into teams ready for our Easter tasks.  In the end everyone spent so much time on the first activity that we got no further than that.  Our task; to decide on a theme and then decorate our boiled eggs. The organisers were expecting some colourful lines and squiggles however, they didn’t count on the artistic flair of our volunteers.  The end result;

Team One: Spice Girls
Team Two: South Park
Team Three: GVI volunteers at the beach
Points were awarded for various categories: presentation, theme choice, teamwork etc. 
It was a fun nght all round.
And the winner?   Well you be the judge!
Cheryl Martin