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The Dynamic Duo-Part One

By Leyla Isin and Sing Yang 3 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang

GVI Laos is always looking for ways to strengthen local partnerships and to foster the development of new ones. This is important in order to ensure that our project is inclusive, sustainable and continues to reflect the needs of the Luang Prabang community. Recently, GVI Laos has employed two ex-students as valued members of our staff team. Sing and Valee, both ex-Novice Monks, attended our introduction to TEFL training and are now working as translators at two of our temple schools. In addition to their language skills (both speak 5 languages), these two young men have been able to provide an invaluable understanding of the Novices and a wonderful insight into temple life. They are both dedicated to developing their teaching skills and giving back to their community by passing on the skills they have learnt to the next generation of Novices. Below is a piece written by Teacher Sing about his first two months working with GVI Laos.



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“I am Mr Sing Yang. I am willing to show you how I enjoy working as a translator with GVI so far. I had been studying with them over the last four years as a Buddhist Novice Monk student. I feel this organization is really helpful especially sponsoring Buddhist Novice Monks and lay people who come from the rural areas or come from poor families who can’t even afford their education. I found this is a really good way of improving Lao students to be able to communicate with foreigners and this has progressed a lot and it even can help their future as well. I am very happy that I can be a part of GVI and that I have the chance to help others in my community. We have Molly who the Boss of our organization and we also have field Staff Sue, Lindsey and Leyla who are in charge of all the volunteers. They are all very friendly and well organized.”


The GVI Laos team are thrilled to have Sing working with us! Watch this space for a piece by GVI Laos’ other local teacher Valee Xiong.



Written by Field Staff Member Leyla Isin and Teacher/Translator Sing Yang