Duke Engage- Time Flies!

    Posted: July 27, 2017

    It’s crazy that we’re already halfway done with our time in India. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been here a few months and then later it feels like it’s been a day or two. The work we’ve doing has been going well and we’ve had such good times on our weekends off.

    Just a little update on how the volunteering has been going: The gender equality courses have been going well throughout the 4 different classes we’ve worked with. While some topics get a little complicated at times, the kids bring such great energy to class everyday. I’ve loved being able to help work on English skills with the kids, while talking about such important topics related to gender. Work with the women’s self help group has been going well also. We hit some roadblocks with the marketing course and in the weeks to come, we’ll be focusing more on the basic computer skills course. The women seem to be more interested in the computer course, so we’ll be putting more energy into that to provide the women the material they’re really looking to get out of the course. Other than that, we’ve started spending time at a relief shelter, planning activities and games for some of the people there. Not going to post too many project specific things out of respect for our partners, but happy to share stories and details personally!

    In the mornings, a lot of us have been going on runs and trying to stay active here in Kochi. This morning, we did a pretty cool yoga class. I’m definitely starting to realize how inflexible I am. I joined the gym in Kochi and I’m going to try to go a little more next week.

    This weekend we’re doing a backwaters tour. We’ll spend one day and night on a houseboat. Trying not to get too sea sick…

    That’s pretty much it for now!