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Just your average dolphin monday really......

By 4 years ago
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Volunteer James, who joins us for 2 months, tells us about last monday, which was everything but average. 


After a hard weekend in Playa del Carmen celebrating Christians birthday a quiet Monday probably would have been on most peoples wish list, but what we got I don’t think anybody would have been complaining.


The day started by everyone singing happy birthday to Christian over the breakfast table and then off diving we went. Nube was our destination for a routine coral spot but it was anything but routine. While gazing out over the peaks of a Dendrogyra Cylindrus a female green turtle greeted us for a leisurely swim, she hung around for a few minutes wondering who these two divers on her reef might be, before disappearing off into the darkness from which she came. Amazed at seeing my first turtle underwater I didn’t think the day could get any better, how wrong was I. Ten minutes passed and as we glided across the crest of the reef a large male green turtle appeared from over the atop the reef and swam passed within a few metres without a care in the world. Two turtles in one dive, my mission to swim with a turtle in Pez Maya had come true twice in the one dive. 40 minutes bottom time had hit and just as Sam and I were about to give the thumbs up to start our accent out of the corner of our eyes appeared a nurse shark that was disturbed from its slumber by two adventurous divers.

Turtle FB

I couldn’t hide the smile on my face at the surface, I had swam with turtles and also with sharks. Happily returning to base and writing up the incidentals report for the dive we were all startled by a loud cry from Sam “DOLPHINS”, following our boat was a pod of dolphins, adults and babies. Not believing our luck into the water we jumped, swimming as fast as we could, we watched these beautiful creature glide through the water graciously. Failing to keep up with them we hopped back into the boat and chased ahead of them to jump back in, this continued for half an hour until the fifth time we jumped in a large male appeared and decided he wanted to play with us, he began by leaping high out of the water and then accompanied by two others spent ten minutes swimming under us while singing to the sound of the sea. Faces of disbelief crossed with smiles could be seen all round. An hour had passed since the first sight of our new friends and 12 tired pez mayans returned to base. Over lunch no one could hide their delight at what had just happened. Wave 2 came and luckily for Josh we found the pod once again and swam with them, as he was the only volunteer to have missed out on the dolphin swim earlier in the day.


I don’t think Christian could have wished for a better birthday present.