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From 0 to 41 dives in 8 weeks

By 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Our danish 2 month volunteer Christan explains us all about life in Pez Maya and how he got from 0 to 41 dives in only 8 weeks. 



8 weeks ago I arrived at Pez Maya with no diving certification and almost no diving experience at all. Now I am a certified Padi Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Coral Reef Research and Nitrox diver with more than 40 dives on my resume. If I have had the money for it, I could even have been a certified Padi Rescue Diver by this point. I´ve completed all this is while most of my dives have been sciences training, monitoring and fun dives. I don´t know much about other divers diving history but I think it´s a pretty big step I have been able to take with GVI in just two months.



Other than diving (almost) every day in beautiful blue water with spectacular corals, colorful fish and an average water temperature of 30 ®C, it has been a great experience to live in Pez Maya. You quickly find that living under more simple conditions than what you may be used to doesn´t mean that you will have a hard time. I´m not saying that I don´t look forward to have running water, electricity, TV, internet and MEAT every day when I get back home, but when you get to live on a tropical beach with amazing people that all share a passion for the active outdoor life, you quickly forget about those luxuries.




Living without these things only make you appreciate them that much more when you go out of base on the weekends to Tulum, Playa del Carmen or a third place to enjoy your weekly portion of internet, restaurant meals and most important air-condition. Playa also gives you a good chance to go out and party with your friends from the project (we recommend “Shots”, “Beer Bucket” and “La Templeque”) and meet other people from Mexico and all over the world. You get to go to the cinema and watch all the newest movies (in English), enjoy a cold Guinness or eat a big juicy steak. Nevertheless the best thing is that after two days getting all your luxury-needs fulfilled, you get to go back to your beach paradise and dive again.



To sum it all up: it´s been a fantastic time on the project and I´m going to miss all the diving, the activities, the kids from the community project, the party nights, the science training and monitoring and most of all the staff and volunteers, but I am looking forward to no more mosquitoes and sand flies.




Christian – Over and out