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Dawasamu District Primary Passing out Parade

By Keren Wakefield - Volunteer 4 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

Having witnessed the dedication of students, staff, and trainers throughout the lead up to the Dawasamu District School Passing out Parade, it was a great honor to be a guest on this special day.  The first time a primary school in Fiji has held such an event, the DDS community should be tremendously proud of the how the day unfolded.


Dressed in our specially made Kalabatas, the GVI volunteers were invited to sit with the different house groups.  As part of the yellow house, I found myself chatting to the proud parents and grandparents of some of my own class 8 students.  When the students finally marched out, they were greeted with thunderous clapping and cheering from the audience.  Dressed in their smart new green and navy uniforms, the students marched in unison, as prefects called the orders.

IMG_4411It was particularly enjoyable for me when my students Sikeli, Kaisanita, Nemani and Livinai accepted their special achievement awards, as I have witnessed firsthand the hours of preparation involved, and  appreciate the confidence it must take as a twelve year old to stand in front of the entire school community and manage a unit of their peers.


Once the parade concluded we enjoyed a delicious lunch as prepared by members of the school community, and following this was a relaxing afternoon of drinking kava and dancing whilst the visiting Police Jazz Band performed on stage.  We were also fortunate enough to witness a group of young men and women from nearby Driti perform the Meke a traditional Fijian dance.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in class 8 at DDS, and I hope that my presence in the classroom has been as beneficial to the students as it has been for me.  I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of this special school event, as well as the day to day happenings at DDS.  With any luck someday I will return to this wonderful community.