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Volunteering in my own Country

By Daniela Boullosa 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

As soon as I arrived in Playa del Carmen and met with the staff I was told a surprising statistic: my friend and I are the first Mexicans currently living in Mexico that have ever paid to come to the program.



For most people, one of the biggest appeals of volunteering, is travelling far away from home to experience a new country and their culture. Now though, I see how beneficial it can be coming to volunteer only a couple hours away from where I live.  I am seeing a different mexico: one with different climate, wildlife and pace. Going from the city to the beach can be quite a shock.





I have only been here for a few days, and already I have fallen for this place. It’s full of beautiful beaches and amazing nightlife. The volunteers here are kind and open with huge hearts. It’s an adventure in its own living with such interesting people from all over the world. The most incredible thing of all though, is the project. The local Special Needs School has been a privilege to work in. The staff are caring and positive and you can see the love they put into their work. I’ve never been in situation where I can feel the power to change people’s lives so intensely. The kids capture your heart from the first instant. They’re innocent and pure and already I have learned from their authentic, adorable behavior. Being fluent in the local language is insanely useful and I feel even better knowing I am helping people from my own country that I feel deeply connected to.





Though I am only here for a couple weeks, I know that this experience will stay with me forever, like a tattoo right above my tricolored, mariachi heart.