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Crowns Around Town

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Sabitri and Chadani at Male Patan

In the days over the Christmas period we spent a lot of time doing fun and creative activities in our projects with the children.  One of the favourites amongst the kids (and maybe some of the adults) was decorating and making crowns.  First up was the Male Patan Daycare.  23 screaming children actually stopped going crazy for long enough to sit down and put their creative mark on a simple outline of a crown drawing.  Then we were put to work with cutting and pasting to put their beautiful pieces of art together.    

The Male Patan Princesses getting their groove on
Kristina with Prince Rohit at Conversation Club

Next up was Garden Daycare, where the kids are just as crazy and creative as Male Patan’s.  Finally, a slightly more sedated setting was Conversation Club.  The kids are much older, just as creative, and much quieter (most of the time).  Fun was had by all and those that were allowed access to glitter ended up being covered in it (I know, we should keep it away from Ruth!).   I’m not sure how long the new creations lasted, but they certainly brightened up quite a few faces.