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Creole Day with the Kids

By Zoe Evans 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

On the 24th May it was Creole day in the Seychelles, so everyone on base took a day off from diving to go to the local children’s home Presidents Village. Usually we take a handful of the children swimming, but this time we played with them all!

All week we were preparing making piñatas and filling them with candy. We had face paint, colouring pencils and some sports equipment for the big day. We arrived at Presidents Village which was very colourful and had flowers growing everywhere. It was a really beautiful place to spend our day. As soon as we arrived a few kids came to greet us very intrigued as to what we had in the van that they could play with. We set up a table for painting and face painting and I proceeded to paint faces. Every kid wanted Spiderman, even the girls, so we ran out of red paint pretty quickly. It was time for the piñatas where it all got a bit hectic. Our weeks work was destroyed in a few minutes and all the candy would pour out on to the floor which the kids were going crazy for. It was really fun to watch!

All the boys were playing football together and the girls were dancing to the music that was on. It was a really lovely environment and the place was filled with happy smiles and laughter, from both the children and the volunteers. Needless to say after a few hours we were all exhausted, perfect timing for the lunch that Presidents Village had prepared for us. We had traditional Creole chicken curry, fish and pork, as well as delicious noodles and rice. The children were very welcoming and were keen to bring us drinks and food when we ran out. The food was so delicious. It was the best meal I’ve had since I’ve arrived in the Seychelles.

After lunch we continued to play football, basketball, and badminton until everyone was hot and sweaty and tired. It was the perfect time to go to the beach. We walked down to their local beach and everyone jumped strait in. There was a big rock that everyone was jumping off into the water. I could only jump feet first because i was so scared but these kids put me to shame. They were doing back flips off it. After a few hours in the water it was time for us to go home back to base, so we said goodbye to all the kids and left.

Needless to say absolutely everyone enjoyed their day, children and volunteers. It’s a day I will never forget. It’s an awesome feeling to feel like you’re helping the environment with our diving, But it’s also an amazing feeling to know that you’re helping the community and bringing a smile to people’s faces, even if it is for a few hours.