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My Highlights

By Claudia Marturet 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

My amazing experience here at GVI Playa Del Carmen is about to come to an end and it is a rather bittersweet feeling. It has been such an honour and thrill to have been a part of the community project. I came into the projects as a volunteer and short-term intern but I feel that I am walking out as a member of this community. That is what is so great and extremely different from all of my other volunteer experiences. GVI aims to unite its volunteers in a mutual partnership with each of the projects, rather than feeling as “just another volunteer“ by the end of your weeks here you will feel as if you are a part of each project.


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My favourite project here was La Escuelita, a school and therapy centre for children with special needs, that ranges from Autism to Cerebral Palsy. Coming from a home with a brother who has Autism, this project quickly began to feel a little bit like home.


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As an aspiring future teacher, this place has made me respect and admire all of the hard work and patience that goes into planning lessons and teaching this very unique group of kids. I learned that each child has a different way of learning or responding and it is my job as a good teacher to find it, to unlock their greatest potential. La Escuelita is a family, and now as I am departing, I truly feel that I was welcomed with open arms into this family and I have to say that it is going to be quite difficult to say goodbye and not see those bright faces each morning.


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Of course it’s not all work here in Playa. During my free time, I was able to take a few excursions. My favourite trip was to Tulum. I don’t think that I have ever seen a more beautiful view in my entire life. As you walk through the astonishing Mayan ruins, you eventually come upon the most spectacular beach with crystal blue water and soft, white sand.


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I will definitely be back here again someday, Mexico. I promise!