Camillian Fun Run Fundraiser!

    Posted: May 13, 2017

    GVI Phang Nga Fun Run for Camillian

    Back in December of 2016 the community team at GVI Phang Nga embarked on a new project at the Camillian Social Centre. We began performing physiotherapy sessions with all students who attend the centre. Completing these routines has enabled the physical capabilities of the students to develop before the eyes of our volunteers, however, we wanted to broaden the routines and push the student’s development. That is why we decided to have the students show off their physical advancements by organizing a fun run to raise money for the centre to advance further.

    The challenge was simple. All students were to complete a 1 kilometer lap of the village of Ban Nam Khem along with GVI staff and volunteers.

    On the day of the fun run, GVI representatives decorated the tsunami memorial in Ban Nam Khem ready to welcome our eager students, who had brought some of their siblings along for the run. The wheelchair, that was taken in case the students struggled, had been relegated to nothing more than a way of carrying the kind offerings the people in the village were presenting our inspirational runners as we passed.

    Prior to this run, the staff at Camillian organized daily training sessions with the children, walking around the center, and preparing them for the challenge. This resulted in all the students completing the 1 km distance, particularly one of them, who was unable to walk without the use of a walker merely weeks prior to this endeavor! All students, siblings, volunteers and staff (from the various organizations that took part) completed the run in just over an hour. To celebrate the accomplishment, we all gathered at the tsunami memorial and ate lunch together, reflecting on the achievements of the students this year.

    We would like to sincerely thank everyone who donated, shared or assisted in any way to make the day as special as it was. We raised a total of $453 for the Camillian Social Centre and will continue to look at fundraising for this worthy cause. This longstanding partnership is one that captures the hearts of volunteers and staff alike and we look to helping the Camillian Social Centre in any way we can in the future.

    If you would like to help support the Camillian Social Centre please follow this link: