Brightening up Nceduluntu

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Today, March 22nd was a holiday for schools and nurseries so our volunteers took to Nceduluntu Nursery to hang some work the children have done and brighten up the main play area with  some painting.

In the past few weeks the children have done some great work with the volunteers.  Making collage faces, hand printing, foot printing, butterfly painting and the list goes on.  We took the opportunity today to decorate the Nursery with their work.  It’s so important for the children to take pride in what they do and setting up great displays of their work is a good way to instil this pride.  It’s also very rewarding for the carers, parents and the volunteers to see the work the children have done.

The main area outside where the children eat and play has recently been painted and today we also took on the task of livening up the brown walls. Some shapes, a giraffe and a huge heart all formed part of the decorations and we also added some colour to the bag racks and one of the doors. We still have some finishing touches to complete next week so we’ll make good use of the children’s nap time to complete the project.

We all look forward to seeing the reaction from the children and carers when they see their colourful work environment. Thanks again to the volunteers for their great work in livening up the space.  It’s amazing what can be achieved in a small amount of time.
Cheryl Martin

Project Manager