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August 2013 Monthly Achievement Report

By 5 years ago
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15th August 2013

Luang Prabang, Laos

Summer Time School Fun at Xayadeth College, Luang Prabang

The summer holiday is over and students are back to school, just in time for the end of the rainy season. For the past 3 years our hub in Luang Prabang has held classes at Xayadeth College for children during their summer holiday period. The past 3 months have been filled with laughter, learning and lesson-planning. This has been our biggest summer session yet with a total of 4 classes packed with eager students. We began with 2 classes but as our numbers of both students and volunteers rose we split the groups into 4 different levels of English ability.

The lower level class focused on simple vocabulary and sentences, introductions, foods and lots and lots of phonics practise. The children loved learning how to rhyme and the gestures that go along with each letter and its sound. At the end of the summer term this class and their teachers, Katy and Meagan, put on a mini performance of their phonics practise, using gestures while dancing to the alphabet song! The higher level Summer School class focused on more complex sentences, grammar points, questions to ask foreigners and we found out that they absolutely love playing spelling games.

The upper classes worked very hard on all 4 language skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the end of the term both classes performed songs for the entyre school and GVI staff- the famous “Sabaidee Luang Prabang” and “You’ve got a Friend”. All 4 of our classes had 2 volunteers team teaching and were partnered with one of our very helpful and kind Lao teachers. Thank you to Mr. Ni, Mr. Chessy, Ms. Leh and Mr. Sipheng for all of your hard work. Thank you also to all of the GVI volunteers who came from all around the world to teach these smiling faces.

To see all 3 of the Xayadeth Children’s Summer School performances please click on the following link-