Andi's experience in the healthcare program in Playa del Carmen!!!

By 4 years ago
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Hi there to anyone interested in the GVI Healthcare Programme in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Wow, time is flying by and I have almost completed two weeks in Playa. I am here for ten weeks in total so I still have lots of time to go. My first week was pretty full on with morning Spanish classes, GVI training and some afternoon horse riding lessons. As I am here for longer than eight weeks I am doing the horse riding lessons for about five weeks to allow me to be more involved in the Equine Therapy. The Spanish classes were challenging as I came here with no Spanish under my belt. During my first week I also attended my first Equine Therapy session where I got to meet staff and some kids from the special needs school.

Week two and I have no more Spanish classes as I am now helping out at the special needs school. Previously I have had no experience with special needs children but the staff are helpful and friendly so you get to see the structure quite quickly. There is quite a bit of sensory work done and they have a special room dedicated to this. I also got to go to the Ludoteca, the Save the Children run school that other volunteers are helping out at. They have way more kids there than the special needs school so definitely more going on. This week I will also be attending the music therapy sessions that are also run through the special needs school. I am looking forward to this as well as the rest of my time here. I hope to gain as much experience as possible, provide a helping hand to make staff lives a little easier and hopefully pick up some Spanish along the way.

Photo playing doctor at special needs school.