An Amazing Month!

By Jayne Shepherd 5 years ago
Categories Quepos

I have just completed a fantastic time on project in El Cocal on the Manuel Antonio Sports Program in Costa Rica.

What an amazing month. Due to examinations at the school on my arrival my experience was a lot more varied than I initially expected. I originally signed up for the school sports program but managed to get involved in English teaching, an intercultural day production, painting the new classroom (with a little help from the students), and of course multiple sporting events including a football (soccer) competition.

This meant that the daily bus, walk and then boat over to El Cocal from our house were always an adventure.

House life was made all the more wonderful by our resident sloth and the cheeky monkeys (Squirrel and white-faced Capuchins) cruising through daily. The Capuchins were seen on more than one occasion trying to push the sloth out of the tree, much to our horror!

Free times on the weekend were also a blast with so much to do for such a small area. My highlights included walking up our road to a waterfall where we lept off the top into the water (or for those not so keen you could abseil down), visiting the world renowned Manual Antonio National Park just 5 minutes down the road and a day trip white-water rafting. I also enjoyed the numerous places to have a nice meal, play pool or watch sports on TV.

I met some amazing people on the project, at our house and of course on El Cocal and I really look forward to seeing what else GVI in Quepos has in store for the future!