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The start of my three month adventure in Mexico

By Amy Fernandez 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

The idea of volunteering in Mexico felt both exciting and daunting at the same time. The night before my programme induction I found myself ruminating over a number of things. Will I get along with the other volunteers? Will my limited Spanish suffice for 3 months? Will I actually manage to make a difference working on the childcare project? Having now been here for almost 3 weeks, it seems silly that I was worrying so much. The other volunteers and staff were so warm and welcoming that I barely felt homesick.




My first week was packed with Emergency First Response training; presentations; and an introduction to the Ludoteca. My time at the Ludoteca involved planning and presenting Green Action presentations (informing the children about how to take care of the environment) and giving English lessons. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic the children were towards the activities and lessons, and how helpful they were when I attempted to speak Spanish.


During my second week I was given the opportunity to go to the Special Needs School. The school is run by a group of amazing women who carry out activities and therapies for children and adults with additional needs. I had the chance to assist with the physiotherapy and aqua therapy sessions- two very rewarding experiences.

Alongside the projects, I also had the chance to visit Akumal where we swam with turtles, and most recently we ventured to Cozumel which is known for its picturesque beaches. Although I’m only finishing my third week, I feel so at home here and can’t wait to see what else Mexico holds for me!