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Amazing new lifestyle in the Seychelles!

By Geraldine Panetti 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

I arrived at GVI’s Cap Ternay base only 10 days ago and I have already been up to so many cool things! I really enjoy living on base with all the other volunteers and staff members, feeling like I’m in the middle of the jungle surrounded by all the vegetation and wonderful fruit trees everywhere. We’re lucky to get to see Baie Ternay every day which is just so beautiful. On the weekend Fi and I went for a snorkel from the bay to « Secret Beach » (a lovely beach not that far from our beach) : that was great fun! We also swam in the fresh water lagoon behind it and saw a nesting turtle!!

On Sunday all of us hiked to Cap Matoopa! Emma went first with a machete in her hands to make the way through the forest, and the walk was very nice except meeting with a few huge spiders… The view from the top is just incredible and breathtaking! We had a great time up there; taking pictures and admiring the landscape.

Besides that, diving everyday of course! I am part of the fish group and therefore I started doing « fish spot » on my dives, which is actually so exciting when you recognise the fish the staff point to and can write down his name! Everyone is getting used to kitting up quickly, improving our diving skills each day, and learning a lot about corals, fishes and inverts. I really enjoy every dive, feeling so good underwater and being at the exact right place to observe the crazy and beautiful marine life.

I can’t wait to continue this adventure under the Seychelles sun. Studying fish, diving, and most of all spending time with the wonderful people I met.