An amazing five weeks in Thailand

By Sophie Lemberger 4 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

I know that this short informal blog entry will not do my time here in Thailand justice, but I will try best to explain how life changing five weeks can be when you’re living in paradise.   I have had the privilege of being a part of the Teaching Children program for the last five weeks here in Baan Nam Khem and it has been incredible. Let’s start off with the amazing people I’ve gotten to spend my times with; first of all I want to say that I had no idea I was living such a boring life until I met some of the most interesting and inspirational people here. Not only in the TC program but every volunteer and staff member that I have met have done some insanely cool things. I’m hoping that it’s just because I am young that I don’t have as many awesome stories and experiences as them, but I hope that one day I can be as interesting and worldly as they are.   Moving onto the next part of my journey which would be the children I have the honor of teaching and spending time with.   These children can make every cold shower worth it here just by giving me one smile. Although they may have too much energy for a non-morning person they still make every day seem beyond worth it. The students that I have taught have given me an amazing gift, this feeling of purpose, like I am making a difference. I wasn’t expecting to feel so impacted by these kids but they’ve shown me a certain happiness I didn’t know existed. The way that I feel when I see them progressing is unreal.  I suppose I didn’t realize how powerful knowing a language can be and I want to help open as many doors as possible for them because they really deserve a chance. When it comes to the older students you can really see that they appreciate what we are doing and I believe that they could go onto achieve anything they put their minds to, without sounding too cheesy, they are incredible individuals. Just to know that I could be a small part of this process for them is a privilege to me.   I can’t forget to mention the inspirational time spent at the orphanage as well. I have to admit the first time going to the orphanage seemed a bit daunting to me, just thinking about the loss that these children have experienced felt quite heavy but within five minutes I realized that they were some of the happiest kids I have ever met in my life. Though many of them come from a sad story it doesn’t mean that they won’t have a bright future. In particular there is a nineteen year old Thai girl who grew up in the orphanage and she will be off to university in three months! She is studying to become a translator. The orphanage and all of its sponsors have made a great home for the kids there. You really can’t leave that place without having had some good laughs and a smile on your face.   Basically this has been the most amazing five weeks with GVI and three weeks left to go. Its crazy how time flies when you are going through one of the best experiences of your life. I know that I will never forget the friends I have made and the students that have changed me forever. I know when I go back home to Canada I will not be the same, I’ve been given the gift of a new perspective in such a short amount of time and I couldn’t be more grateful. Sorry that this blog ended up being so sappy, hope you enjoyed a quick summary of an amazing five weeks with GVI.   Kristen Walling – 8 week Teaching Children Project Volunteer