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Getting Out of My Comfort Zones

By Afsheen Khan 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Prior to coming to Mexico, I had read other volunteer’s blogs on the GVI webpage but did not truly know what to expect and how I would find it as it was totally different to anything I had ever experienced and very much out of my comfort zone.   A lot of my friends laughed when I told them where I was going and what I would be doing.

Once I had booked the trip I started to feel quite apprehensive but from the day I arrived in Playa del Carmen, I found everyone so welcoming.  The house has a mix of volunteers from different parts of the world, and some who have already been here a few months so it was good to have people who had been in the same position that could show me the ropes.


The first few days here were full-on with inductions, first aid training and Spanish lessons in the afternoon (something I would recommend to everyone). On the third day I went to the childcare centre for the first time.  The kids were so sweet and welcoming and despite the obvious language barrier, you manage to get by with the universal language of signs and sounds!  Working with the kids is also a great way to practice your Spanish. I find they are teaching me a lot more than I am teaching them!


There is a real community feel about GVI Playa and everyone is genuinely interested in helping out.  We have a local lady coming to the house every Wednesday to give us Mexican cooking lessons. So I will go back home with not only amazing memories but also some additional skills to take back with me.


My first few days have been awesome and totally exceeded my expectations.  Looking forward to the aqua therapy with the special needs kids on Saturday and visiting Tulum on my day off this Sunday.