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The ABC's of my last 3 months

By Judith Reetz 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

The ABC of my last 3 month

Acropora – hello little scars on my knees
The Advengers – Cinema trip to Victoria. Loved it! Though being the only tourists amongst residents felt a bit awkward.
Aircon – Sooooo good!

Bikini – Wouldn’t have guessed that I spent so much time in it. Took a few days to get used to it but once you find yourself behind the stove cooking dressed in a bikini you know that you are over it.
Bird Island – Lovely treat. Absolute highlight was the plane ride, so amazing to see the islands from above.
Birthday –Best birthday cake ever.

Cleaning – Especially cleaning the public bathrooms and toilets is absolutely delightful.
Compressor – A bit scary at the beginning run such a thing.
Cooking – Cooking for more than 4 people won’t make me sweat any longer – nailed it!
Creole kitchen – So yummy!

Diving – What a stunning world, just awesome! Will miss this soooooo much.

Early bird – As I would describe myself as a night owl the early wake ups were quite a challenge.

Flatbread – Goes with everything, so tasty.
F*@# your neighbor– Favorite card game.
Fruitbats – Adorable. Wish I could take one home.

Granola– Never had it before. Love it and the only way to stand > see O
Groupers – Favorite fish group, espcially the blacktip grouper.

Hammock – Little nap from time to time, lovely.
Hiking – Still not a fan, but the views are sooo worth it!
Homesick – Almost forgotten how this felt.
Hosir–What a pleasure to discover all this new music! Hosir is my favorite, thanks Justin!

Island time – Hope I can keep this attitude for a while.

Letter J – All the Oldies names at my last month started with this letter. Except Lacey, but that’s alright.

King size Beds ¬–Wished I’ve had one. So excited to starfish again back home.

Lost – First thing that popped into my mind when we arrived at base the first day: I am now a Character in one of my favorite TV Shows.
Let things go – Awesome feeling. Need to do this much more often.

Manta – Loved it. Being on the sea is the nicest way to spend your day.
Mold – Thanks Humidity! Such a nice surprise to find my favorite sandals the other day covered in mold.

Nudi branch – Adorable!
Newbies – Yihaa! Just do it! It’s such a nice experience!

Oats – Almost every morning for the last 3 month.
Obese people – Most adorable in crowed busses when everyone is sweating and you find yourself desperately trying to get the huge butt of the person standing next to your seat out of your face.

Question master – I can’t think of anything else that starts with Q. Part of king cup.

Rashes – Of all sorts the whole time. And no, I was hoping to get used to it, didn’t happen.

Squid – Best experience ever! F… the sharks, it’s all about Squids.

Tape – Oh my! Those survey tapes can freak you out!
Tequila Boom – Even if you are not into clubbing, this is a must!
Turtles – Love them!

Underwater centre – Did my first night dive and my rescue diver there as well.

Ventilators – Dorms 3 rules!
Washing – Or more precise hand wash – it sucks.

No clue.

Yachts – Want one. Now.

Mmmh, no idea – head empty 🙂