A volunteer's perspective of Zimanga's secretive nocturnal creatures

By 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN
As the sun sets behind the distant mountains, the brave volunteers of GVI Zimanga prepare for the coming night. With the ever developing winter, the air grows colder and colder bringing with it the ever mysterious creatures of the night. What will the few volunteers see tonight? Porcupines with their hundreds of quills sharp and ready for use on unexpected foes, aardvarks on the prowl for their next meal of termites, leopards lurking in the under growth, watching everything silently as it travels past?  

What will they see with their ever ready spotlight and their keen eye for glowing eyes? Will they return successful with photos in hand or will they come up short failing to see those secretive creatures that remained hidden in the dark!

Stephanie Brauer.
GVI Zimanga volunteer