A guest in the Zimanga garden

By 5 years ago
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A guest in the garden…

As the staff and volunteers of GVI Zimanga slept blissfully in their beds one Thursday night an unwelcome guest made his entrance into the camp garden. The reserve’s dominant bull elephant was in need of a midnight feast and found the camps trees pleasing on his pallet. After causing minor damages to some of the trees the staff and volunteers were woken by the snapping of branches. Staff members, equipped with only torchlight and a vehicle, managed to successfully herd the male elephant out of the camp boundaries before it could cause more destruction. Despite the minor damages, the volunteers were able to have an excellent up close and personal sighting of a male elephant within the safety and comfort of the house and their pajamas.

This magnificent “Tusker” is the dominant bull on Zimanga.

Joseph Ellis

Long term Intern
GVI Zimanga