A Farewell to Beth Silvester

By 5 years ago
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In her two and a half years with us, Beth Silvester created a legacy at GVI Karongwe. She joined us on her Bushwise placement as an intern in June 2010 before becoming the Science Officer at the beginning of 2011. By the time she left us in December 2012, she had trained over 250 volunteers, 19 staff members and written 11 landowner reports (the last of which you can see here).

Her dedication to data integrity, the identification of all our focus animals and ethical guiding principles earned her two “Ranger of the Year” nominations and the respect of the entyre Karongwe community.

Volunteers will remember her for her reversing skills, affinity to the odd lion-induced adrenaline rush and wicked sense of humour, from which “Betty’s Bush Safaris” was conceived.

We are all going to miss Betty and we’ll do our best to build on the systems and practises she put into place as Science Officer.

The good news is that our loss is a nearby reserve’s gain, as Beth continues her dedication to wildlife conservation as an assistant reserve manager. We wish her the best of luck in her new adventure.

The Karongwe Team
GVI Karongwe
South Africa