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30/01/13 A Seychelles Birthday

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

In this last week the weather hasn’t been the best and so there has been a change to the usual dive sites.  But despite the rain and wind, the visibility has still been amazing and we have seen white tipped reef sharks, rays, octopus and turtles.  We are all starting to pass our coral, fish and invertebrate exams, which has taken some amount of studying, with a pass mark of 95%! Since the last set of blogs, it was my birthday and everyone was lovely in wishing me a happy birthday and making me a cake, which was so delicious!

The weekend allowed for some relaxation and lots of fun.  The first few weeks have flown by, but being here for 12 weeks as part of the Indian Ocean Divemaster program means I still have a lot to look forward to.  I was concerned that having no background in marine biology and with little diving experience would mean Id struggle with the demands of the program.  However, the course is so well organised, with staff members being very helpful and approachable that all volunteers, regardless of their previous experience or knowledge level, quickly feel confident with their diving, lecture subjects and other duties.  Although we are kept pretty busy, we are all having an incredible time!

Relaxing on the beach