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16 of the best fundraising ideas for volunteers

By Lauren Melnick 1 year ago

If volunteering is on your bucket list for this year, it’s time to start with your fundraising plan of action! With flights, visa and program fees, it can be a daunting task to save enough money to cover your trip’s cost. We’ve collected some of our best fundraising ideas to help you meet your goal.

1) Set up a fundraising page

This is the first and most crucial step in your fundraising journey. GVI has launched a fundraising platform for you to set and share your goals. When you fundraise for a volunteer program with us, you’ll be able to set up your fundraising page, keep track of your progress, and tell the world about your story. The GVI team is available to offer you support.

2) Use social media

Now that you have your fundraising page, it is time to get it out there. Share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr accounts. Post it in relevant groups and reach out to influencers on Twitter and Instagram who can help spread your message to their followers.

3) Take part in a fundraising challenge

Take part in a fundraising challenge


This is one of our favourite fundraising ideas because you can get really creative with it. Sign up for a local obstacle course or marathon and ask your supporters to donate per kilometre completed. Or help the environment by hosting a beach clean and asking people to donate per black bag you manage to fill up. The options are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

4) Go giftless

If you have a birthday coming up, direct your friends and family to your fundraising page and ask them to donate instead of buying you a gift this year.

5) Set up a photo booth

Everyone is obsessed with photo booths these days and it’s a great way to raise money. If you have any parties coming up in your social circles ask the host if you can set up a photo booth. Party goers can donate a small fee towards your cause to get a copy of their photo as a memento.

6) Design a t-shirt

fundraise for volunteering tshirt is a website committed to helping volunteers create beautiful, customised t-shirts at low-cost prices. Printing t-shirts is a way to get people to support your cause while they get something in return. You also don’t need to worry about sitting with a box of unsold t-shirts. FundtheNations gives you a sample design so can collect your orders before anything is printed.

7) Have a clothing drive

If you have a closet full of clothes in good condition that you hardly wear, it’s time to put them to good use. Invite your friends around and set up a mini boutique with unbeatable prices.

8) Host a bottle drive

Ask your friends and family to collect bottles, jars, and cans. Once you have enough, take them to be crushed and watch your target become more and more tangible. It’s an easy fundraising idea and it helps to keep your community clean.

9) Have a dinner party

Fundraise with a dinner party


A really delicious way to fundraise is to put those cooking skills to good use and host a dinner party! Research the local cuisine of the country you will be visiting and invite your friends over for a three-course gastronomy adventure in exchange for a small donation.

10) Sell Your Stuff On Ebay

This is for all those packrats out there! Unclutter your life on Ebay and make some cold hard cash for a good cause. If you are struggling to let things go, use this rule of thumb: If you haven’t used it or worn it in six months, sell it.

11) Host a Quiz Night

Hosting a quiz night is a fun way to raise money for your trip. Approach local businesses about donating prizes and team up with a venue. Participants will pay an entry fee and the winning team goes home with the donated prizes.

12) Partner With a Restaurant

Fundraise with a restaurant


Partnering with a local restaurant is a great option for both of you. All you need to do is approach a restaurant about having a fundraising night where a cut from all meals ordered that night is given towards your cause. Spread the word among your friends and watch those seats start filling up!

13) Ask For Frequent Flyer Miles

Airline tickets can be costly. If your friends or family can’t donate money, ask around to see if anyone would be interested in donating their miles. It’s a great fundraising idea to help get you to your destination and cut back on costs.

14) Use Your Skills

use your skills to fundraise


Use your skills to help you raise money for your trip. For example, if you are a photographer you can sell your prints or offer to take photos in exchange for a small donation. Get creative and start thinking about how you can use your talents to help meet your fundraising goal.

15) Sell Your Books

If you have a large collection of books that you no longer read or want, host a book sale! Invite your friends and family to donate their unwanted books and make money while de-cluttering your life.

16) Have a Bake Sale

fundraise by holding bake sales


Bake sales. The oldest trick in the book. People love sugary baked goods and bake sales continue to work time after time whenever there is a need to raise money fast.

Hopefully, this list of fundraising ideas has helped your journey seem less daunting, more doable and a lot more fun! What are some of your favourite ways to raise money? Let us know in the comments.

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