06/12/13 Island Adventures

By Kira, GVI Seychelles Volunteer 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse
First off, as of Thursday, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAY (round of applause)


Finally, it’s now the third week for our Newbies (Felicity, Sophy, Caitlin, Daniel, Olli, Nathalie and Sarah) who aren’t really Newbies anymore, the seventh week for Amanda, Charlotte, Liz and me (Kira) and the eleventh (!!) week for Vova who called himself the chef of the Oldies. The end of our fantastic trip is not so far anymore. I can’t imagine coming home back home and being confronted with snow and (omg) having to wear long trousers. Thank you to the volunteers and staff making these months an adventure that I will never forget. But before we go here are a few things we have been up to.


We (Charlotte, Amanda, Liz and Kira) heard about this magical island 100 km away from Mahe and populated with thousands of Sooty Terns, unfortunately it wasn’t the season. There is also Esmeralda the biggest tortoise in the world but our own 095 known as Mr McGregor is just a little bit smaller! And finally Robby who is one of the most impressive guy we have ever met living for 20 years on Bird Island and who has asked us to be assistance to him on Aldabra (haha). After a 30minutes flight, we arrived at Bird Island. It was like a holiday in a holiday with stunning beaches, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, amazing food, snorkelling with 13 (!) Green Turtles and let’s not forget the dolphins jumping and spinning by our boat. These 3 days away were incredible but coming back to our beautiful island was finally like coming home.


The “newbies” had our first weekend outside of the paradise home we call Curieuse. Getting up at 7 am (which is late Curieuse time) to ride Dexter to Praslin followed by a brief 15 minute ferry ride we found ourselves on another stunning island named La Digue.  With only the bare essentials neatly tucked into our bags, we set off in search of bikes.  Mine was a cherry red chopper bike I named Bailey. In order to see as much of the island as we could, we all set off in various directions.  Sophy and I (Caitlin) spent the day riding to the furthest reaches of the island.  We cycled until the road finished, feeling as though we had found the end of the earth we headed back to the villa for lunch.  After going a bit mad in the grocery store we headed off to the beach. 2kms and very sore legs later Sophy and I stepped onto silky white sand, Grande Anse. Although our day was rapidly coming to an end, we snatched some time to do some sunbathing (girls will be girls).


The long cycle back to the villa gave us time to daydream about what food we will eat at dinner.  With such an indecisive group, out waitress had a surprising level of patience with. Asian food is one of the comforts of home we have all missed.  With bellies full, we headed in for the night to sleep in air-conditioned comfort.  The highlight of the trip is an easy one, the coconut plantation where they manufacture coconut oil the old-fashioned way.  Upon returning we realised that the beach on La Digue voted “the most beautiful beach in the world” was actually on level with the beaches on Curieuse.


This place really is paradise.


With 3 turtle nests due to hatch, the 12 of us end this week on a high. Another week in paradise filled with mad stories and funny photos. Who knows what our last week will bring….