01/03/2013 Two Amazing Weeks On Curieuse

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I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up for this expedition but after the first day I’m so glad I did! Trekking through thick vegetation to record the Coco de mer can be quite competitive. The last group made sure to record 85, just enough to beat the group before! Setting up transects in the mangroves is good fun too, ankle deep in mud never knowing when you’re going to sink in up to your knee! Kyle was quick enough with his camera to catch the first time I sank.

The giant tortoises here are lovely & each has a different personality from the last. Some really enjoy having their neck & the back of their shell stroked while others can be very shy.

My favourite days in the field so far have been the Snurtles & Wurtles. Excavating nests & watching Hawksbill hatchlings make their way into the sea was amazing. On my first Snurtle a Hawksbill swam right underneath me. I’ve been lucky enough to see dolphins breaching too, once on Dexter, our boat, & the second during one of the Wurtles. Some of the guys have also seen White tip sharks whilst snorkelling, I hope to see one before I leave.

After two busy weeks nine of us decided to spend the weekend on La Digue. I was excited to explore more of the Seychelles, relax on the beautiful beaches & get to know everyone a little bit better. Later in the evening a few of us decided to get on our bikes & go on a bike ride. It was fun, especially when Chantel fell into a bush! The locals on the island were really friendly, we stopped, chatted & had a few photos taken with them.

The two weeks I’ve spent here have been great but have flown by. I feel there is still so much I want to see & do. Hopefully I can fit it all in before it’s time to leave!

Amanda Hodges