Help give the dogs a better life:o)

By 5 years ago
Categories Chiang Mai

Currently there are a large number of stray dogs living in Huay Pakoot village. These dogs are not cared for by the local people as they are in the western world, the dogs are seen as pests and due to rapid breeding the dog population is ever growing.

Every day the fight for survival for these dogs is tough going, most do not enjoy luxuries such as human affection or a guaranteed meal and they are riddled with fleas and ticks.

We are pleading for your support to control the situation caused by overpopulation. We have previously raised funds to allow us to vaccinate, neuter and spay a large percentage of the village dogs but the remaining mother dogs and new puppies have not been accounted for. 
If you can spare a little cash it will go directly towards protecting the dogs at Huay Pakoot.

To donate please follow one of the following links:-