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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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||GVI volunteers have changed lives of our elephants, mahouts, children and the village||

~Huay Pakkoot Village Conservation Group, Thailand

Volunteer Abroad with Animals

To volunteer abroad with animals can be an especially rewarding experience for all animal lovers looking to volunteer their time towards a meaningful cause. Travel to exciting and exotic locations all over the world and choose between working with wild or domestic animals.

Volunteering abroad with animals is the perfect opportunity for any animal lover to get up close and personal with their favourite creatures whilst truly making a difference. Our animal care volunteer programs are ideal for students, career breakers, or gap year takers, as it offers you a chance to gain practical experience that can contribute to any of your future endeavours. Are you studying at the moment? Our Country Experts can tell you more about the academic credit offered on our programs. Be sure to take a look at our short and long-term animal care internships too!


Our volunteers help provide much needed support and assistance. By working with the wild animals such as the elephants and turtles, our volunteers are able to make a direct impact on the conservation of these endangered animals, as well as providing alternative livelihoods to the local community. At our veterinary projects, volunteers will be able to support our partners in a number of ways, such as educating the local community on proper sanitation and care, how to control population numbers and providing assistance with veterinary services.