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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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volunteer abroad over the long term

GVI offers a range of long term volunteer opportunities and volunteer expeditions in locations across the globe, which range from three months to one year. These options are ideal if you are looking to gain valuable practical experience in fields such as conservation or education, and many include extensive professional training opportunities. If you are pushed for time, why not take a look at our short term volunteering programs instead!

Long Term Volunteer Programs

Our long term volunteering options start from 12 weeks onwards and are offered in most of our volunteer abroad focus areas. These programs allow volunteers to fully immerse themselves in the project they are involved in. Whether you’re looking for a gap year, sabbatical, career break or a complete change in career direction, there’s a project to suit you, including our Internships Abroad, which offer a variety of long term volunteer programs.

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Need a fresh start?

Tired of your 9-5? It’s not impossible to go from accountant to dive instructor… Long term volunteering is a great opportunity to get valuable practical experience for a new career!

Language Immersion

Leo Get the most out of your time abroad by learning a new language. Many of GVI’s projects across the globe offer Spanish language courses of up to 80 hours for longer term volunteers.