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Help conserve pumas, jaguars and magnificent coral reefs - volunteer in Mexico! From vibrant cities to idyllic beaches and beautiful rainforests, there is something to please every volunteer in Mexico. Wander through colonial cities, try surfing and dive in cenotes while you volunteer in Mexico, home to some of the world's most magical wildlife!


Featured Programs in Mexico


internships abroad mexico

Live in the Caribbean and collaborate with Save the Children on this community internship in Mexico

Dive into the world of marine conservation and discover the rich culture of Mexico and Mayan history

Mexico Marine Conservation Expedition

Conserve and explore the shores of the Yucatan peninsula while learning to scuba dive

Volunteer in a children’s center run by Save the Children on Mexico’s picturesque Caribbean coast

Explore two stunning Latin American countries, volunteer with children, learn spanish and experience cultural highlights and an adventure tour

volunteer abroad in mexico

Volunteer to protect loggerhead, green and hawksbill sea turtles in Mexico

Join forces with Save The Children in community development efforts, and enjoy a 4-day adventure tour

volunteer abroad in mexico

Volunteer with special needs children using horse therapy, as well as music and physical therapy.

volunteer abroad in mexico

Plan and deliver arts and crafts workshops in Mexico in community centres run by renowned NGO Save the Children

volunteer with animals

Volunteer to assist veterinarians and support animal welfare in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Volunteer in Mexico on a Divemaster Internship

Dive Master Internship and Marine Conservation Training Course in Mexico

News From Mexico

I come home, back to my same old comfy bed, with my big bathtub and mom’s cooking – all so familiar – and yet I am changed.

bull sharks

This last week has been a blast. On the weekend some of the volunteers went diving in Playa Del Carmen to see the mysterious bull sharks. Over the past few years, sharks have been very victimized and turned into voracious 

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