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With a variety of community and conservation projects available, there are plenty of ways a volunteer in Kenya can become immersed in this incredible country! Palm tree-lined coastline and reserves bursting with wildlife (boasting the big five and more!) lie waiting for a volunteer in Kenya to discover...  volunteer in Kenya ad discover the real Africa.


Featured Programs in Kenya


Kenya Community and Conservation Expedition

Join our team to conduct research on dolphins and terrestrial wildlife while teaching in East African rural schools

Volunteer abroad in africa

Two countries, one amazing African conservation volunteering adventure

volunteer abroad in africa

Two countries, one amazing African wildlife conservation adventure

Kenya Childcare and Arts Volunteering 

Volunteer abroad in africa

Volunteer with children in Africa, and explore the best of two incredible countries

Volunteer with children in Mombasa, and enjoy a 4-day African safari

Volunteer at an Orphanage in Kenya

Assist on education programs for impoverished children in Mombasa’s slums 

volunteer for under 18

Journey to the Tsavo plains in Kenya, and contribute to community initiatives on the under 18 volunteer project

Volunteer with Monkeys in Kenya

Assist with the conservation of Kenya's coastal forests and Colobus monkeys

Dolphin Volunteer Conservation Program

Conduct dolphin surveys in the Shimoni Archipelago

Volunteer Teaching Program in Kenya

Volunteer to teach English and assit community development programs in Shimoni and Mkwiro

Environmental Internship in Kenya

Take part in a conservation work placement where you will gain incomparable wildlife research experience and personal development opportunities 

Volunteer on Construction Projects in Kenya

Contribute to community led construction projects on the stunning Kenyan coast

Healthcare Volunteer Program in Kenya

Volunteer in healthcare workshops to help rural communities in East Africa

Intern in Kenya

Gain valuable experience in education and sustainable development while on a work placement

Volunteer in Kenya

Spend your days with the inspiring children of the Mombasa slums teaching physical education

News From Kenya

I come home, back to my same old comfy bed, with my big bathtub and mom’s cooking – all so familiar – and yet I am changed.

Once again I have extended my family with more wonderful citizens of the world. My closest friends in Kenya are not just that, but some of the closest friends I have ever had

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  • Volunteer in Kenya
  • Volunteer in Kenya
  • Volunteer in Kenya
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  • Learn about Marine Life
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