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hikerEver wondered what life as a volunteer would actually be like? What will you see? What will you do? While all volunteer programme providers can answer these questions, how many can actually show you the way we do?
Through our unique GVI Live platform, you’re able to see exactly what’s happening in the field in real-time, straight from our field staff and volunteers themselves – like a sneak preview for your own adventure abroad!

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Mahe and Curieuse, Seychelles

Our 8 projects in the Seychelles include construction, wildlife and marine conservation.

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Programs in Mahe and Curieuse
Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles
Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster Internship in the Seychelles
Island Conservation Expedition to the Seychelles

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is host to 20 programs ranging from wildlife conservation to orphanages.

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Your guide to responsible South Africa travel
Programs in Cape Town
Sports in South Africa
Volunteer Teaching in South Africa
Teaching and Community Development Internship in South Africa

Mahlahla, Limpopo, South Africa

These programs in Limpopo include field guiding and hospitality internships

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Programs in Mahlahla, Limpopo
Safari Field Guide Course in South Africa
Scientific Field Research and Techniques Internship
FGASA Field Guiding and Conservation Careers Internship

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Projects in Chiang Mai include animal care, wildlife conservation and teaching.

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Volunteer in wildlife conservation in Thailand
Programs in Chiang Mai
Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand
Conservation Internship with Elephants in Thailand
Marine and Wildlife Conservation in Thailand

Phang Nga, Thailand

GVI's projects in Phang Nga, include healthcare, marine and wildlife conservation and teaching.

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Stunning Snorkelling: Coral Reef Surveys on the Andaman Coast
Programs in Phang Nga
Volunteer with Children in Thailand
Teaching English and TEFL Internship in Thailand
Volunteer Healthcare Project in Thailand

Luang Prabang, Laos

GVI runs a variety of projects in Luang Prabang, including childcare, teaching and arts.

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Reflections on 9 weeks with GVI in Laos
Programs in Luang Prabang
Volunteer with Children in Laos
Volunteer with Buddhist Novice Monks in Laos
Teaching and TEFL Internship in Laos

Kerala, India

Kerala is home to 8 projects including arts, childcare, sports, healthcare and construction.

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What is the state of gender equality in India, and how can you help?
Programs in Kerala
Volunteer with Children in India
Teach Sports in India
Teaching Internship in India

Pokhara, Nepal

GVI runs 10 projects in Pokhara, including teaching, animal care, healthcare and construction.

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Five facts about Nepal wildlife
Programs in Pokhara
Volunteer and Adventure Experience in Nepal
Volunteer Teaching in Nepal
Volunteer with Children in Nepal

Fiji Islands, Fiji

GVI's 9 projects in Fiji include marine and wildlife conservation, teaching and construction.

Latest from the field
What do we do on the Marine Conservation program at Caqalai?
Programs in Fiji Islands
Community Development Expedition in Fiji
Short Term Teaching Internship in Fiji
Fiji Island Community Immersion Teen Volunteer Program