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World Water Day: 8 Ways To Make A Difference

By 3 years ago
World Water Day: How To Make A Difference | GVI

The World Health Organization predicted that it would cost 11.5 billion dollars a year to provide the world with clean water and sanitation. Sound unrealistic? Not quite so drastic when compared to the fact that Americans alone spend around 450 billion dollars a year on Christmas celebrations.

Imagine how much change we could make with a bit of education and a couple of informed changes. Every year World Water Day strives to do just that.

World Water Day is a worldwide event, celebrated annually on March 22nd, which focuses on creating water awareness and implementing viable solutions to create sustainable change. The idea behind the day being that we all have the potential to create small changes that can have a big impact.
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Each year the day focuses on a different element of water conservation. This year the days aim is to provide better water quantity and quality to the 1.5 billion people who work within the water sector. These workers are typically not recognized or protected by basic labor laws, laws that would change the lives of individuals and simultaneously societies and economies.

Make sure to begin by participating in World Water Day this March. Cities around the world are hosting a diverse range of events, find the one nearest to you, or if there is nothing in your area you can create and host your own local event. Get creative! Get involved! Make a difference!

Here are 8 simple ways to start make a difference this World Water Day:

1. 1 in 10 people do not have access to safe water, cut down your own consumption by making small changes. Make sure to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth (faucets waste 2.5 gallons of water every minute that they are running) and try to keep showers to under 5 minutes (this will save up to 10,000 gallons a month)!

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2. Think small, if you have a glass of water or juice don’t throw away the extra ice. Instead, put it to use, for example: water the nearest plant with the leftover pieces.

3. Toilets are the source of ¼ of your daily water consumption. If possible think about how often you are flushing, if it’s yellow let it mellow. Also, make sure to check for toilet leaks. Leaks are often silent meaning that toilets should be checked at least once a year.

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4. Switch to cold water when it comes to washing dark clothes. Not only does this save water and energy but it also helps your clothes retain their color. Win win!

5. Eating one quarter pounder hamburger uses as much water as taking 30 showers! Cutting down on your meat consumption, choosing grass-fed instead of grain-fed meat, or becoming a vegetarian (a huge change no doubt but an incredibly impactful one) is one of the best ways to reduce your water consumption.

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6. Recycle! It’s one of the easiest ways to save water and resources. Check out Earth Easy’s helpful guide to recycling efficiently.

7. Simply make sure that when you are boiling water you keep the lid on the pot, this means that less water will be lost due to evaporation meaning you won’t need to use as much to begin with.

8. Lastly spread the word. So much of our waste comes from ignorance, get informed and tell others how simple it is to make a huge difference.

Looking for another way to contribute to reducing water consumption worldwide? Check out GVI’s clean water and sanitation focused programs. and find out how other countries are raising awareness on World Water Day 2016.