Tour de Tulum epic challenge!

By Toby 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

[The Tour de Tulum Challenge was a 27km bike riding and photo scavenger hunt. It was a great fun day out from our regular science monitoring work, and run as part of our regular efforts to raise important funds for our local partners Amigos de Sian Ka’an. Keep watching the blog for future opportunities to help us raise funds for important marine conservation efforts in the Yucatan]


Although our team was still devastated to have been denied the tandem bicycle that had been so anticipated the previous week, we were eager to get going, having familiarised ourselves with our super sciency and top of the range, yet specifically not tandem, bicycles.  The clues were handed out at precisely 8.30ish, with the utmost attention to detail being paid to the time keeping.  The 33 clues required 33 (or less if you were sneaky) photos of a team member with particular objects or persons, to be completed by 12.30 and handed in at the assigned meeting place.  Las Quekas 😀 (the most awesome and super tasty quesadilla chain ever) .  After the start of the race it was all going swimmingly for our team until a completely unforeseeable and unpreventable disaster struck, that, and this must be stressed, was no fault of anyone’s in particular.  The clues sheet managed to get completely soaked by a rogue, poor quality water bottle that cracked in the lovely front baskets of the bikes, rendering it unusable and the photos unobtainable.  However, after the team happily accepted collective responsibility for the incident and I managed to get a drink from someone else’s water bottle, with mine mysteriously having emptied, we rallied and were able to nab a spare clue sheet.  With a little ingenuity in the takings of photos the team caught up with the others and in the end, with the prospect of quesadillas spurring us on, arrived at Las Quekas on time and indeed with the most photos.  The land slide victory was a nice way to end the day and almost made up for the aching grief we felt over the missing tandem bicycle.

It was a really fantastic day that was excellently organised.  The 12.30 deadline was the perfect length of time to push both the pace of the cycling and number of photos it was possible to get, which made it a really great competition.  So thank you to Jim for all his hard work in putting it together!