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New building takes shape

By Cheryl Martin 3 years ago
Categories Cape Town

For anyone who has worked here as a volunteer particularly in the teaching programme, you would know some of the tough conditions the teachers and children have managed in. The school suffered broken windows, damaged walls and generally was in need of a total refurbishment. A school originally built for the children of a small township was bursting with over 2000 children.


It was back in 2012 that there was some serious talk about the school being rebuilt by government funding. Some thought is was too good to be true but when half of the children were relocated to another school, and temporary buildings were brought in it seemed this may become a reality.

Along the way there have certainly been some challenges. For the past 3 years the students and teachers have managed in temporary buildings whilst the building has been under construction. Teaching and learning with the loud sounds of machinery in the background has not been easy. The limited space that children have to play has been challenging.  Soon after the building began we were trying to manage sports lessons in a small carpark., thankfully there is now a field next door to the school. The whole of the office staff including the principal have been operating out of one classroom in a large primary school these staff have managed really well but certainly deserve better.  The temporary classes are not the best learning environment for learners but they manage well. However, these challenges will all be worth it….

The new building is now near completion.  It is hoped that classes can start in there at the beginning of the next school year. Of course the Grade 7 students who have seen the building grow and develop over the last few years are truly disappointed that they will miss out but on the other hand there are a group of over 1000 learners and their teachers who will benefit from this great new school.

For these of us who have worked at ACJ over the years, we couldn’t be happier that the community has this amazing new facility.  If we want children to become educated citizens then they need a positive and healthy and school environment with good facilities. It is the least they deserve.