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The journey to monitoring

By 3 years ago
Categories Jalova, Yucatan

Paula has been working hard at Pez Maya and has recently been signed off for monitoring. Read the process it took to get there.



Awesome, made it onto monitoring!



It all starts with learning your species list. For a coral geek like me, I had to learn 50 different species of coral. Whilst doing tests on the computer, you also do in-water coral spots. These are great because you get to know all the different colorations, sizes and shapes of the species. Not to mention the amazing tan you can get from revising whilst sunbathing!



One step closer to monitoring!



You either get put into coral community or if you’re lucky like me, you get put into point intercept. This includes learning algae’s, grasses, sponges, tunicates…basically everything else down there. Whichever you get put onto, either CC or PI, you have to pass another computer test and three more spots before you move on to practice monitoring underwater.



YAY, finally onto monitoring!



Whilst monitoring it’s hard not to get distracted buy all the cool things living in the coral and you get worried that you’ll miss something amazing swim by, but that’s why you can depend on your buddy to let you know.



Its hard work, but its great knowing that you’re contributing to the data being collected here at Pez Maya. With instructors like Kerry and Emilia, you also gain extended knowledge of little creatures that live within the reef as they point out things like pistol shrimp which are super fun to play with.