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The curious incident of the cow in the night time

By Hannah Broessler 4 years ago
Categories Jalova

We are living in the midst of a lush rainforest. Naturally we do not only encounter animals during our surveys; we also share our daily life with a variety of jungle creatures.


Some of them we are quite fond of: Squirrel Cuckoos and Cocoa Woodcreepers calling in the morning, fireflies illuminating our dorm alternately with lightning, Four-lined Whiptails being sent scattering away by our steps when we are walking around on base.


There are others which we generally do not like so much: flocks of ravenous mosquitos, termites eating away our beds, occasional snakes in the shower.


One species, however, we all agree on is our least favourite. A couple of days ago they raided the base. They had been planning the attack for weeks until finally, in the middle of the night, they broke through our gate. Their heavy steps and deep moans woke us and we feared our dorm would fall apart when one of them ran into it.


The result of the attack was so devastating it left even the calmest expedition members swearing and shaking their fists violently. One of our major rules was broken: Never ever mess with our laundry – it takes ages to dry! The attackers had ripped them off the laundry lines, trampled over them and covered them in dirt, with their hair and dung. And technically they aren’t even completely wild jungle creatures…


So considering every fact carefully and even though we are all animal-crazy jungle people, we collectively decided that it is morally acceptable to announce:


We hate cows.