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Bosh! 'A Banter' at camp Curieuse for one month

By Laura Laius 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Breath-taking views and lush clear ocean awaited the group of pale campers as we arrived on Dexter, Curieuse’s trusty steed. The first few days consisted of camp tours, safety procedures and lots and lots of presentations about the various inhabitants of the island. Thankfully, the staff and scholars’ enthusiasm spread excitement around camp for what was to come. Slowly everyone got to know one another, and a group bond was forming. With heavy trekking through the jungle, coming back to bean burgers, and sleeping in bunk beds surrounded by screaming bats at night, we weren’t too sure if one month was going to be bearable! Then we found Obama, the first tortoise we saw, it was an exciting moment for everyone and slowly but surely everyone found their footing and the walks to the various beaches became easy and fun, sleeping in dorms formed stronger connections within the group and as everyone showed off their cooking skills, we got to taste foods from all the different nationalities in camp.

Week 1

The first weekend was pure luxury, coming from camp where there were no flushing toilets; then going to Paradise, a holiday resort in Cote D’Or. The buffet breakfast and sunbathing session, was enough to keep everyone entertained, not to mention the Wifi!  It was a great way for the group to get to know each other better and on returning to camp the following Monday, everyone was much closer and camp was beginning to feel like home.

Week 2

Hearing the news that our construction volunteer Will was leaving us at the end of this week was disappointing as his charismatic personality kept everyone laughing constantly. In the meantime, we explored the island some more in week 2, visiting Badamir, and Mama’s house, where no tourists were to be seen anywhere. This really was our own private island.

Week 3

Life on Curieuse was really starting to come together and by week 3 everyone felt comfortable, chilled and at home on the island. By the end of week three no one was ready to go home in just one week! More Tortoise tickles and Mudskips, delicious homemade dinners, and getting to know the staff so much better meant that the weeks were flying by! Before we knew it, it was the weekend again!

Week 4

An exciting and emotional week started well as we all got to partake in a fund raising Crystal Maze challenge which took place all over the island. Teams Birds, Sharks and Turtles competed to win luxury items for the last few days of camp and we managed to fundraise over $800 for the Seychelles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Obviously team Birds won as the strongest member of camp, Laura competed against Amanda and Marika in the final challenge. It was so much fun as well as a way to remember the amazing experience GVI has given us on Curieuse. With 4 days remaining, it will be sad to say goodbye to Curieuse, which has been the most amazing and unique experience.



Mount Curieuse: The whole team trekked up to the highest point on Curieuse!

Crystal Maze: We managed to raise over $800 for the SSPCA.

Camp Duties: Cooking for the rest of the group was a great way to spend the day.

Innundation: at high tide, we volunteers measured the water amongst sharks and rays!

La Digue: One weekend everyone headed to La Digue and cycled around, exploring one of Curieuse’s nearby islands.